AlomWare Actions

AlomWare Actions 1.27

AlomWare Actions is your ultimate app launcher and system automator!

Your ultimate app launcher and system automator!

AlomWare Actions lets you easily create actions to open apps, documents, folders, and web sites with the press of a hotkey; and you can automate everyday tasks such as typing phrases, moving and clicking the mouse, sending emails, and modifying the clipboard text. AlomWare Actions is portable software and can be installed to a USB stick to take your time-saving actions wherever you go.

Some example features and benefits to you:

* Encrypt and decrypt text for privacy when emailing a message to somebody.

* Type dynamically changing text (such as equations or the date) with a hotkey.

* Type simple text (such as your email address), or blocks of text with a hotkey.

* Launch your apps at the specific desktop position and/or size that you prefer.

* Make any window stay on top of all others (and also set its transparency level).

* Snap any window to a dynamic size, such as two-thirds of your desktop width.

* Open a DOS prompt at the current folder without needing to type its full path.

* Automatically backup a document with the date before opening it for editing.

* Copy a list of files to the clipboard for later reference or emailing to someone.

* Set a timer to remind you of something, or to run an action at a chosen time.

* Set the clipboard text to anything you wish, or save it to the desktop as a file.

* Effortlessly modify the clipboard text into lower, upper, title, or sentence case.

* Open your favorite websites without relying on browser bookmarks anymore.

* Download the raw content of web pages and pluck text information from them.

* Send an email without needing to launch Outlook or logging into your mail app.

AlomWare Actions


AlomWare Actions 1.27